Plant Based Proteins

Plant proteins

"Green" protein sources for muscle development

All proteins contained in plants and vegetables are called vegetable proteins. Nuts, pulses and seeds are rich in vegetable proteins while fruit and vegetables are comparably low in proteins.

All essential amino acids are found in animal proteins; however, there are a few plants that also contain all eight essential amino acids:

  • soy
  • quinoa
  • chia seeds
  • spirulins

Therefore, a mix of plant proteins with soy, pea or rice is recommended.

In its vegetarian and vegan protein products, Biohealth uses plant proteins as concentrated powder, for example, rice, pea or soy protein. Plant protein powders contain more than just proteins and include other essential nutrients and vital substances, and because of this, these products are not only protein powders but are also compact and healthy dietary supplements which support muscle gain and a vital lifestyle. We can also develop your product in organic quality.

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