and liquid food supplements

With variable contract manufacturing in the fields of cosmetics and liquid food supplements, your company can react permanently, flexibly, simply and quickly to customer requirements and market changes.

Our manufacturing partners offer you:

  • Contract manufacturing – cosmetics
  • Contract manufacturing – liquid nutritional supplements
  • Filling of ready-made bulk goods and personalized formulations
  • Personalized labeling
  • Customized program – exclusive small-scale and premium series production
  • Product development
  • Brand presentation
  • Prototype fabrication
  • Sample production for product tests


Crunchy, nutty and freshly baked for you

Muesli bars are the non-plus ultra for all nutritionally conscious customers.
A new type of process from our manufacturing partners enables particularly gentle production at low temperatures. Since the bars are not cut, they also have a particularly attractive appearance and put the high-quality raw materials used optimally in scene.
In addition, your customers will enjoy up to 50% less calories.


vegan ● gluten-free ● soya-free

You want to eat protein, but have had enough of protein shakes and similar products?
Then our delicious protein pizza dough is just right for you! Due to the high protein content, the dough contributes to the build-up and maintenance of muscle mass.
It is also suitable for vegans and people with gluten and/or soya-intolerance. For athletes or those interested in fitness, who want to cover their protein requirements not only via shakes, meat or dairy products, our pizza offers a perfect alternative as a protein-rich diet.


100 % natural flavor

These days, flavorings are an inherent part in nearly every food supplement. Many products, e.g. fruit yoghurt or fruity curd dishes, which have the reputation of being very healthy because they contain milk and fresh fruits, are in fact a fraud. In general, the share of fruit is only 1-2% – the taste comes from artificial flavors and a huge amount of sugar.

This is why Candy Flavor has been invented. Yoghurt, curds, protein shakes, cereals or biscuits – the tasty flavor-powder is the perfect choice to refine literally any sweet dish. The 23 flavors – from the basic ones like chocolate or vanilla, to exotic ones like popcorn or marshmallow – lead you to a naturally traditional world of taste. All this without even a single gram of sugar.



We would be pleased to manufacture products for you according to your own ideas or existing formulations. We are able to procure all approved raw materials available all over the world and to process them in the appropriate manner.​

We provide you with the bestsellers and basics of the calisthenics, bodybuilding and health-care industry with the highest quality. For this purpose, you can obtain the products from us with your own company name. You can order products at very good conditions with us even from one single production unit (please see the price list for detailed information).
Thanks to state-ofthe-art manufacturing processes and large quantity raw material purchases we are able to guarantee you very good margins.

Our great strength lies in the development of unique formulae that distinguish themselves from those of the competition. Some of our developers have more than 25 years of professional experience. Through our global networks we are always up to date – frequently even far ahead. With us, you have a unique variety of possibilities of getting individual innovative products prepared on your behalf.


You are searching for an experienced contract manufacturer for your own products (personal brand) for your retail shop, gym or online shop? We are here for you!

– Muscle building diet (Weight Gain)
– Protein powders in all sorts
– Prepared protein drinks in all sizes
– Fat burner
– Special amino acid solutions
– Mineral drinks
– Diet powder
– Anything for the gym
– Lots of flavors
– Amino tablets
– Drinking ampoules
– Stamina gels
– Tablets in all variants and sizes
– Capsules of all sizes
– Various ways of tablet/capsule-packaging


Design of your label

Providing innovative Packaging with unique selling point

Creation of your homepage under consideration of Health Claims Regulation

Planning your marketing campaigns

Training your employees

Creation of folders and catalogs