Our quality promise


You as a distributor of dietary supplements, health care products and dietetic food may and even have to demand professional quality management from us. A protection system that factors quality and all statutory provisions and ideally even goes far beyond these. We guarantee strict controls and provide documentation on all our production steps - from the receipt of incoming goods, via manufacture and packaging, up to delivery of your products. We at BHI are implementing exactly this quality assurance system, it is our everyday routine.

In our own laboratories as well as in external laboratories, we test the products we produce for harmlessness. All workflows and procedures are strictly carried out in accordance with quality-assured specifications, and every step is documented by us. We dispose of a wide range of knowledge and all the control functions required to be fulfilled for all of our products and even those deviating from the norm. We are able to provide this particular performance because in the past we have taken every effort to meet each individual challenge on the part of our customers.