Vegetarianism - Just a fad?

VEGETARIANISM is a meat-free diet, whereas VEGANISM means avoiding any animal products, including milk, eggs, fish and honey.  Information differs on the prevalence of this dietary lifestyle, however, there is a clear trend of growth in this target group. (Source: Statista 2020)

Germany is the biggest market for vegan products in the world, followed by Great Britain and the United States. According to an Allensbach study, about six million people (aged 14 and over) follow a vegetarian diet while around a million people are vegans. This doesn’t account for those who rarely eat meat or choose to buy products designed specifically for vegans, as is often the case for dairy alternatives.

Start-ups have long led the way in this nutritional trend, yet we are now seeing an increasing number of larger concerns capitalising on this diet, directing more energy and funds into developing more products for this market. In a recent survey, more than 84 per cent of Germans stated they were interested in eating healthily. Manufacturers can profit from this interest as vegan products are generally presumed to be better for the environment, climate and your health.

Vegan alternatives for your customers
Biohealth International’s research and development team has been working on vegan products for some time. Simone Tückmantel, Sales Manager at Biohealth International, says: “The demand for plant-based products is massively increasing, which is why our product developers are continually working on creating new products in this field.  At this year’s Private Label trade show in Amsterdam (PLMA) we will be showcasing products such as soy-free, vegan protein shakes.” 


“One of the major challenges in developing these shakes was how to mask the somewhat unique taste of pea- or rice-based proteins,” says Alina Petereit, Developer at Biohealth International. “We think that we have successfully overcome this hurdle with our new mango and banana shake.”

Products for ‘beauty from within’
Another current trend in health products is based on the concept of ‘beauty from within’. Our Biohealth International experts have developed interesting nutritional supplements in this area, which use raw ingredients such as collagen, turmeric, ginger and minerals like biotin, zinc and copper, which all contribute to maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. 
From April we will be presenting products such as our Beauty Iced Tea, our turmeric-cinnamon-honey milk and our turmeric fibre shake to our customers.

Fatigue-fighting energy boost
We are also offering potential business partners our guarana granules, which have been specifically designed to boost your customers’ energy. The granules can be poured directly on to your tongue and taken without water. Perfect for when you’re out and about, in the office or working out. The added vitamins D and C contribute to a healthy functioning immune system, and vitamins B6 and B12 help reduce tiredness and fatigue. The best part is the refreshing lime & cucumber taste!



Vegan products in development

Our product development team works on the development of vegan alternatives.  As an innovative partner for the food industry we proactively present our customers new interesting product developments, whether in the vegan area, conventional sports nutrition or products for "Beauty from inside".




Germany is a key market for vegan products



The sales of vegetarian and vegan food in Germany has an increase from 2017 to 2019 of over 64 % (Source: Nilesen/ Statista 2019).