Contract Manu­factur­ing

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You have developed a product, but lack the capacity to produce it yourself? Or you want to outsource the production for economical reasons? Then contract manufacturing is the perfect concept for you.

Powders, capsules and tablets

Our special strength in the field of contract manufacturing is the production of different dry products. However, we also offer a series of other product variations. We have flexible and high performance equipment at our command, which can be used for example, for producing dry pre-mixes for liquid products. Other services that we offer include encapsulation, tableting as well as filling tasks. Our contract manufacturing products and services at a glance: powder, liquids, mixing, encapsulating and tableting.

Analysis is a key element

In particular, in the sector of food and food supplements, ongoing and reliable analysis is essential. It goes without saying that we have comprehensive analytical possibilities and certified laboratories at hand. As standard, we are certified according to FSSC and Organic. We also apply GMP principles in our production.

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Packaging: large selection

If you decide to take advantage of our contract manufacturing services for our product, we offer the highest quality. This not only applies to the product, but also to the packaging. At Biohealth, you will find a large selection of packagings that meet current market trends - from a single-portion stick to a standup pouch. No matter what your choice - one thing is always guaranteed: hygienic filling under controlled conditions for maximum product safety.