Product Development

Product development

Solutions for your product ideas

We are a private label manufacturer for health, sports and weight management products and offer individual solutions and the implementation of your ideas. Our top priority: we develop tailor-made products so that you get maximum market success based on your ideas while always keeping an eye on current trends and market developments.

Our expertise is the best starting point for your successful private label product. As a partner for the development of your private label products, Biohealth offers a decisive advantage: our experts many years of experience. The competent Biohealth team comprising nutritionists and food technologists can look back to a series of reference products and new concepts that it has developed - while always being in close contact with suppliers, universities and research institutes.

Our private label services for you:

  • Advice and concept development
  • Constant monitoring of the markets
  • Development of recipes
  • Selection of suitable raw materials
  • Production of samples
  • Production using the latest technological standards
  • Practice tests prior to launch
  • Consideration of food law aspects
  • Implementation of suitable packaging concepts

Stability tests for your products

In order to ensure the high quality of your private label products, we can perform comprehensive application and stress tests at the end of the development stage if you wish. In these tests, we can check certain features such as shelf life or storage conditions and adapt or further refine the recipe if needed prior to the market launch. Accelerated stability tests offer additional safety in terms of product stability.

We also have various analysis methods at hand . All these elements ensure the reliable development of a product until it is ready to be launched.

Documents and papers for your products

Following the successful development and manufacture of your products, we will prepare all relevant documents for quality control purposes for you - in this way, you are not only ready for your customers but also ready for the authorities and official bodies.