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A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise requires responsible nutrition. For example, proteins, which support muscle maintenance and muscle growth, are essential for successful training. As a private label manufacturer of sports nutrition products, Biohealth supports its customers in the production of healthy and functional food products. The experts at Biohealth have the required know-how as well as highly sophisticated application technologies for your individual success fromm 500 kg per powder products and 100,000 pcs for capsules and tablets.

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Protein Shakes made from powder

Protein powder, which can be drunk as a shake mixed with water or milk, is a popular sports nutrition. It supplies the body with high-quality proteins, thus supporting the build-up of muscle mass and also regulates fluid balance. As a private label customer, you can choose from the following varieties of contract manufacturing:

Recovery drinks-tailored to training goals

For optimal recovery after exercise, recovery drinks provide the body with the nutrients it has lost during exercise. The recovery drinks for strength or endurance from our sports nutrition range are individually tailored to the training goal. They deliver the nutrients the body requires and thus provide energy for the next training session.

To quench the thirst during and after exercise, Biohealth offers isotonic drinks as an optimal and further supplement to the sports nutrition range. These beverages deliver important minerals for the body and are easy to digest. The body can easily absorb our isotonic drinks whilst they support a quick recovery.

Packaging for sports nutrition

As a private label manufacturer that offers various packaging options, Biohealth is able to fill its sports nutrition products into various packaging formats. These range from cans to pouches to sachets and sticks to large Big Bags, with different packaging sizes available as required. However, a minimum order quantity is required. Existing powder formulations from our product kit can be produced starting at quantities of 500 kg.

Biohealth supports its customers right from the start: from the idea and consultation to product development to production and packaging. Together we can develop your individual sports nutrition product.

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