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Market ready solutions for isotonic drinks: develop the perfect regeneration drink for your customers with us.

Perfect thirst quenchers for athletes

Even a minor deficit in the electrolyte and fluid balances can have a decisive effect on physical performance. So, if you want to tap your full potential during exercise, make sure your fluid balance is right. Or in other words: drink plenty of fluid. Not every drink is equally suited to counterbalancing the loss of fluid. Isotonic drinks are the best choice.

They supply fluid to the body as well as important minerals and vitamins. For example, other than non-isotonic drinks, isotonic drinks are very special; the ratio of nutrients in an isotonic drink resembles the ratio in human blood.

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Market ready solutions from Biohealth

Thirst quenching and isotonic sports drinks from Biohealth provide important minerals such as calcium, sodium and magnesium as well as readily available carbohydrates and also vitamins for the body in an effective way. Vitamin C, which is also in the drink, protects the cells from oxidative stress. Biohealth’s powdered isotonic Drink is easily absorbed by the body, while being gentle on the stomach. This is very important during sporting performance involving endurance.

With Biohealth’s product concept, you can offer your customers high quality isotonic drinks for quick physical regeneration.The benefits:

  • Low calorie
  • Handy single-portion packs
  • Made in Germany

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The perfect supplement

Combination of high-quality proteins
Increase in athletic performance
Regeneration after exercise