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Protein powder: different types of proteins

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Professional athletes, ambitious recreational athletes and fitness enthusiasts use protein powders and nutritional supplements (NEM) to improve their training results and are a diversified buyer group for your private label. To meet the wishes and needs of your core target group, we work with you to develop individual solutions for your own protein products from 500 kg per product.

Different types of possible proteins for protein powders
Proteins, i.e. proteins, are so-called macronutrients. They are an elementary component of almost all body structures and are especially indispensable for building and maintaining muscle mass. For this reason, many athletes use protein powders as a dietary supplement.

But not all protein is the same. For the creation of your private label protein powder, we provide you with suitable and versatile quality products.


Proteins are so called macronutrients and are the main building block in almost all of our body structures. However, protein and protein is not always the same. Proteins can have different origins and different biological values. Some examples of protein supplying foods are:

  • Milk and whey proteins
  • meat
  • eggs
  • caseins
  • soy 

The body can absorb some proteins better than others. The biological value of a food gives information about this by expressing how much protein the body can synthesize from every 100 g of consumed protein. In general, the body can better absorb proteins from animal sources than proteins of plant origin. 

For a well balanced diet, it is recommended that animal and plant proteins are combined. We apply this principle in the development of our high quality protein powders.

Good to know: the biological value does not reveal how easily a certain food can be digested. This is the reason why the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using the PDCAAS value (PDCAAS = Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) for determining the protein quality because this value reflects the digestibility of a protein.

For a long-lasting supply of the body during the training phases, a multi-component protein such as our Whey Protein Mix is recommended. The special feature of Whey Protein Mix is the combination of quickly available proteins such as whey protein isolate and slowly digestible proteins such as micellar casein isolate. The amino acids that are thus available in different ways ensure a balanced amino acid profile and thus promote muscle regeneration.

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Protein powder: benefits from Biohealth

  • Made in Germany based on the highest quality standards
  • Plant based proteins
  • Concentrate/isolate formula for high protein content
  • Low amount of fat and carbohydrates
  • Certified production processes
  • Ideal for bodybuilders and endurance athletes
  • For sustainable muscle maintenance and muscle growth
  • Instant powder for perfect solubility in milk or water
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Protein powder in various recipes

We are an experienced private label producer for protein powders and offer various recipes for your products in different flavors and variable compositions. The combination of proteins from animal and plant sources in our protein powders contributes to the growth, maintenance and restoration of muscles.

This is perfect for athletes whose aim is to support their exercise as much as possible with a healthy diet. We are looking forward to developing new recipes together with you. Use your own protein powder creation for a varied product range.

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