The power pack in milk

Casein is the part of the protein in milk that is not carried over into the whey. Casein is a mix of several proteins. Together with calcium phosphate and other compounds, it forms so-called micelles, which cause aggregation of the milk in the stomach thus making it easier to digest. Casein accounts for about 80 percent of the total proteins in milk. All other proteins are subsumed under the term whey proteins.

The food industry distinguishes between micellar casein, sodium and potassium caseinate and calcium caseinate.

  • Micellar casein is obtained by microfiltration of the milk. This is a gentle process in which no chemicals are used.
  • Calcium caseinate is obtained from milk by acid precipitation followed by neutralization and subsequent mechanical separation from other compounds.

The latter is preferably used in sports nutrition products because it facilitates the digestion of other proteins by keeping them for longer in the intestinal system.

Besides caseinate, Biohealth uses micellar casein in its products, which is a high quality protein that can be utilized by the body for a prolonged period of time.

This makes it perfect for long-term sports activities that require the right supply of proteins.

Micellar casein is slowly absorbed in the stomach so that the muscles are supplied with proteins for longer. Products with micellar casein are perfect protein suppliers to be enjoyed in between meals or right before bedtime. No food can be consumed while sleeping but micellar casein can provide a constant stream of proteins because the body absorbs it slowly. This prevents the body from wasting muscle tissue over night and also allows for quick regeneration.

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