Collagen Peptides


High quality protein

Collagen is the protein that can be found most in the human body; it is an important building protein and is present in joints, tendons, ligaments and skin. It contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, maintains the elasticity of the skin and can also promote healthy joints. 

Collagen - the body’s natural protein 

Compared to other proteins, collagen is unique because of the essential structure of the tissue. While proteins from whey and milk primarily support the maintenance and gain of muscle mass, collagen also supports the maintenance of cartilage, joints, tendons and ligaments. This is a decisive aspect in the prevention of injuries, which may cause long-term physical damage. Joints, ligaments and tendons that have been strengthened with collagen may prevent the risk of injuries and thus promote sports performance.

The human body reduces its own production of collagen from the age of 25, and the body is therefore dependent on an external supply of protein. Intense training also increases the need for collagen, as the body consumes more protein through exercise than when it is at rest. In order to prevent the body from degrading its own structures such as muscle mass and to regenerate strained muscles more quickly, collagen should be externally administered.

As a private label manufacturer for sports nutrition, Biohealth has extensively researched collagen because it is also an endogenous protein that the body can optimally digest and process.

A controlled intake of collagen will promote the functioning of joints, the elasticity of the skin and the maintenance and gain of muscle mass. This results in increased athletic performance and improved recovery after exercise.

Private-Label collagen products

Biohealth’s sports nutrition portfolio includes protein powders and protein shakes, which for example also contain coconut water, as well as protein pudding. The stomach can effectively digest the protein, as it is administered in food. The protein itself has a bland taste, which is advantageous for intake. Biohealth has developed products featuring flavors such as Tropic, Chocolate and Lemon-Quark in order to provide a broader variation of tastes.

Collagen enriched sports nutrition products can be consumed before, during or after exercise and training. Taking a product before exercise may prevent the negative effects of intensive sports activities and also support the body by making the protein available. During training it can enhance performance because it strengthens the natural functions of the body. After sport, collagen has a positive effect on recovery, creating optimal conditions for further training.

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