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Biohealth is the perfect partner for anyone who wants to sell weight management products under their own brand. As a private label manufacturer, our Biohealth experts are not just there to help you with ideas, but also respond to your specific needs and implement new product ideas together with you. Biohealth manufactures and refines on modern plants health products such as protein diets, meal replacement products, diet drinks or diet soups from 500 kg per powder product and capsules/ tablets from 100,000 pcs.

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In today's world, weight management is a big issue that is attracting interest from all sides. In addition to physical activity, proper nutrition also plays an important role when dieting. In the long run, starvation or abstinence usually triggers the undesired yo-yo effect, with people often being heavier than before.

Even during dieting, the body still needs all of the important nutrients. The amount of food consumed and in particular the amount of carbohydrates and fats have to be well managed during a diet.

For successful weight management, Biohealth supports all of its customers with innovative products that come in different variations.

One part of our portfolio are total diet replacements or meal replacement products. The protein-based diet shakes are truly satiety talents that with their adapted nutritional composition provide only a few calories. A meal replacement product can replace one or more meals per day. A positive side effect is that the contained proteins maintain the muscle tissues and ensure the required intake of vitamins and minerals during the diet phase.

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In order to better control the amount of food consumed, Biohealth also provides daily portion sizes that can replace all meals during dieting. To prevent deficiency symptoms, they contain all the important nutrients that the body needs during a weight reduction diet. In order to ensure this, our experts strictly adhere to all legal regulations and rules.

For savory taste preferences, Biohealth’s portfolio includes protein soups, which are also really suitable as "snacks". The soups are rich in proteins and are able to prevent the feelings of a ravenous appetite and cravings, while providing the body with a healthy fluid balance during the weight management phase.

For customers who are not aiming to lose weight, but rather are unable to absorb certain nutrients because of illnesses or other restrictions, Biohealth offers a balanced diet concept. It includes partly or fully balanced products, which comply with the specific requirements for a balanced diet in order to provide all required nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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Biohealth will be the perfect partner for everyone intending to distribute their own label weight management products. As a private label manufacturer, the experts at Biohealth are not only creative minds for innovative products, but they will also meet your specific requirements and work together with you on the implementation of new product ideas.

Using advanced technical equipment, Biohealth manufactures and refines health foods including protein diet products, meal replacement products, diet shakes or protein soups. Minimum production quantity is  500 kg per existing powder recipe.

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