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Different variants to support weight management from 100,000 pcs.

Capsules as nutritional supplements

The market for nutritional supplements is becoming more extensive and growing all the time. Demand for preparations to support a diet is becoming larger and larger and the requirements on individual products are growing. In addition to other dietary foods, such as meal replacement products as private label or products for a balanced diet, Biohealth now also offers the production of capsules to support your diet.

Our capsules are manufactured from gelatine or cellulose, i.e. from animal or vegan basis to serve a broad customer base. The minimum order quantity for capsules is 100,000 pcs.

As a contract manufacturer, Biohealth offers hard capsule versions as well as soft capsules, also known as softgels. These are particularly suitable for liquid and lipophilic raw ingredients such as omega 3 and black cumin oil, however, their manufacturing process is more complex and less flexible than hard capsules. The minimum order quantity is 300,000 pcs.

Multiple versions and contents

Our experts are constantly developing innovative nutritional supplements and keep a close eye on market trends. In the dietetic field we also offer nutritional supplements such as Gluco plus capsules, which contains glucomannan, zinc, vitamin C, chromium and vitamin B6, and supports the metabolism.

Glucomannan is a dietary fibre derived from konjac root and helps with weight management as part of a low-calorie diet. Glucomannan + chromium ideally support your diet, providing 3g glucomannan per daily serving. Chromium helps to maintain healthy blood sugar Levels and to a healthy metabolism of macronutrients.

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Full service for demanding products

Contract manufacturing of premium weight management capsules

Do you wish to expand your range of nutritional supplements to include capsules for weight management? We have long-standing experience in producing private label products for dietary foods. At Biohealth International, based in Münchberg, we have a constant supply of 1,500 raw materials to ensure the flexible and prompt production of private label products.


If we do not have raw materials in stock, our purchasing department will work closely with you to check availability on the market.

Private label consultation can also be included in our collaboration to address your specific needs and those of your markets. Contact us for further information.

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