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Meal replacements with vitamins and minerals

Proteins satisfy your hunger but have less nutritional value in the form of calories compared to fats. This makes proteins perfect little helpers in healthy and sustainable weight reduction. Protein diets or formula diets with meal replacement products are amongst the most common diet concepts these days. The contained proteins support the maintenance and growth of muscle tissues even during a weight reduction diet thus ensuring that you only lose those pounds made of body fat. The principle: special protein based meal replacement products within the scope of a reduction diet. They can be prepared easily and are uncomplicated; they satisfy your hunger and can replace one or more meals a day. 

The most important point: as a result of their balanced composition, a proper supply of vitamins and other essential nutrients is ensured at all times.

Protein composition

Our meal replacement shakes are tailor-made to suit your needs; their protein content or protein composition can be easily adjusted. The Biohealth experts work with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and proteins; starting with milk proteins via casein and whey protein isolate or concentrate, but also with numerous vegetable proteins. Contact us and together we’ll find the perfect solution for your meal replacement product range.

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Meal replacement and legal aspects

According some legal amendments for meal replacement products, products intended to replace individual meals instead of an entire diet are now considered to be foodstuffs for daily consumption and are therefore subject to the Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers (FIC). Regarding nutritional and health claims, the Health Claim Regulation applies.

This means that suppliers of meal replacement products may be obliged to change their labelling. Because of our long-term experience in the production of such food products, we will keep track of the current legal framework conditions for you.

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