Press release
Biohealth named as one of the top 100 SMEs in Bavaria

Press release

Münchberg. BHI Biohealth International GmbH is one of Bavaria’s most successful medium-sized businesses. This has been attested in a study by the SZ-Institut think tank and Creditreform Rating AG, one of Europe’s leading rating agencies, which has established the commercially best-performing companies in Bavaria and ranked them accordingly. 

Out of about 600,000 medium-sized businesses in Bavaria, 2,281 companies met the pre-selection criteria and 238 were ultimately distinguished – Biohealth International GmbH holds the excellent ranking of 92.

“We are proud of this placement in the Top 100 in Bavaria as it attests to the fact that we are innovative and commercially successful. This year we are celebrating our 20-year anniversary and our success story continues!”, promises Biohealth CEO, Stefan Gebhardt. Dr. Peter Pfeilschifter, new Managing Director at Biohealth, adds: “I am delighted to have been part of BHI since 1 May 2023 and to continue working with our strong team, supporting our customers with innovative product concepts and excellent service.”


About the study
The analysis, conducted by the Creditreform Group, was based on assessing the companies on a reference date of 31 March 2023. Only medium-sized businesses based in Bavaria and from the “manufacturing industry” business sector (according to the definition of the German Federal Statistical Office) were accepted. Companies must have added their up-to-date employee and sales figures to the Creditreform business database and meet the added prerequisite of information being available on their balance sheet rating, order situation and payment practices. For inclusion in the study, companies must employ between 1 and 499 employees and have an annual revenue of between EUR 2,000,001 and EUR 50 million. The best-performing companies were then determined from 2,281 SMEs. Assessment criteria included:

• Development in employment figures
• Sales performance
• Order situation
• Positive balance sheet rating
• Credit rating index


Only the companies that could meet all the criteria were included in Bavaria’s best-performing medium-sized companies in 2023. The analysis method and the results of the rankings were published on the Süddeutsche Zeitung website under the title “Bavaria’s best-performing SMEs” (Bayerns stärkste Mittelständler).

About BHI Biohealth International

BHI Biohealth International GmbH is a modern industrial company with innovative technology, which was founded in 2003. As a private-label provider, BHI produces nutritional supplements, dietary foods, sports nutrition, healthy snacks and beauty products for its global customers. The company employs approx. 250 employees and generates an annual revenue of about EUR 50 million.