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How to make good resolutions work

Resolutions ... and how you can implement them
We’re barely two weeks into the new year – how are your New Year resolutions doing? Are you still working hard on them or have they bitten the dust? There are lots of hurdles to overcome, especially when planning a change in your diet, and so we have a few tips to smooth your path a little.
First of all, remember that bad habits can make you ill and that you want to replace them with healthier habits that are better for you. The aim is to feel better, more energetic and more powerful. And this requires, most importantly, an effective change in diet that not only fits you personally, but also tastes good and leaves you satisfied.



It needs to work for you ...
Particularly important: A dietary change is not a diet – there’s no calorie counting or a prescribed meal plan. It is important to consider your personal nutritional preferences and try things out.
Dietary patterns are deeply engrained and getting rid of unhealthy eating habits is never easy. The good news is that research shows you can reprogramme your brain – but it does take a few weeks.

Our tips for greater success

1. Envisage a specific goal
Write down your goal or send yourself a voice message: to move without pain, be less stressed, improve your drive, etc.. This increases your internal

2. Be honest
Look at your eating behaviour. What and how much do I eat and drink? Write it down and check out which of those foods are good or less good for you. The Federal Center for Nutrition recommends these foods (in German).

3. Avoid food traps
Sort your kitchen out. Get rid of all those “sources of danger” and temptations. If you like, get some low-calorie flavour powders to help add more variety to your healthy diet.


4. Take setbacks into account
Even if you fall back into old patterns in periods of stress... stick to the plan and don’t give up!

5. Find like - minded people
Seek out allies with whom you can keep motivated and overcome the low points more quickly. Reward yourself, even for small successes! It’s good for the soul and creates moments of happiness.

6. Be strong and keep going
If you are monitoring your weight, record your successes. Don‘t be discouraged by setbacks and don’t let them stress you out. It’s not the end of the world if you break a few rules now and then. Health is a holistic process, pleasure and enjoying your life is a part of that process. Once you have internalised your nutrition goals, you can break the rules now and then. It’s the long-term goal that’s important.

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